Hours And Hours Of Researching Franchises Online And You Have Nothing To Show For It

Hours And Hours Of Researching Franchises Online And You Have Nothing To Show For It

how frustrating

How Frustrating!!!

And, not only is it almost impossible to know what franchise opportunities are right for you, it’s next to impossible to figure which franchises are profitable.

Until Now


The Ultimate Franchise Course


Learn How To Find, Choose, And Research Profitable Franchises

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Check Out What’s Included In This 8-Module, 23 Lesson Course

Module 1

Uncover who franchise ownership is for, what it means for you and those around you (because a decision like this involves change for everyone), what the top 5 benefits of owning a franchise are, and more.

Module 2

Discover all the things that franchising has to offer you and how you can use that to make your dreams of becoming your own boss a reality-that makes your friends and family jealous. With this lesson, you’ll walk away confident in the decision you’re making.

Also, you’ll learn what each specific category of franchising is and what potential opportunities come with each, so you can begin narrowing down the choices that will be the best for you and increase your chances of owning a money-making franchise.

Module 3

Lesson 1 is all about you. You’ll learn how to determine if the franchise route is the right one for you to pursue, and more.

Lesson 2 includes an incredibly accurate franchise compatibility quiz that will really get you thinking about what it may be like to be your own boss, and if the best way for you to go about it is through franchise business ownership. Then, you’ll find out what your score from the quiz is (it’s personally scored by me) what the score translates into, what it means, and what the next steps to becoming your own boss should be.

Module 4

This Module and the lessons that are included in it, will show you how to increase your chances of making money (hopefully a lot of money) as the owner of a franchise. You’ll uncover what your true budget should be. You’ll discover what franchise matchmaking is and if it something you want to attempt on your own. You’ll also get information on franchise shows and expos that will literally lay dozens of franchise opportunities at your feet. You’ll learn what to do and what not to do, should you decide to attend one of these gems.

Module 5

This is the one that you’ll be tempted to skip to (but don’t). You’ll focus on choosing specific franchises to investigate and how to investigate them properly. You’ll learn exactly how to narrow your choices down to a manageable level so you won’t waste your time on franchises that are duds…franchises that you’ll have no chance whatsoever to make money owning, or that just aren’t the right fit for you. The franchise sales reps you contact will be utterly impressed and realize you’re no rookie at this when you come at them (nicely) with the powerful questions you’ll learn in the module that you need to ask. I’m talking great questions that I include in the course that will get you to the heart of things fast. Early research techniques are the things taught in this lesson. You’ll find out about the franchisors…more than you ever imagined, especially if you’re a good student.


“An Investment In Knowledge Pays The Best Interest”

– Benjamin Franklin


Module 6

The name of the game is franchise research. Great. Franchise. Research. The research techniques I teach in Module 6 will help you determine if the franchise opportunities you’re investigating are money-making franchises. The videos and podcasts included in this Module are chock-full of proven and very powerful techniques to help you get answers to your most burning questions and more.

This module will also teach you how to get to the heart of the money matters, from business planning to the types of loans available to you to help you get started on your path to freedom.

Module 7

This is the “Decider” Module. This is the module where you’ll uncover everything you need to know about Discovery Day, which is the day you get to meet the executive team, face-to-face at franchise headquarters. But, it’s so much more than that. You’ll learn when to attend one-and when it pays to avoid visiting franchise headquarters at all costs. (Seriously.) You’ll also learn how to figure out if you should go through with the purchase and how to put things in perspective, so you can reach the finish line with confidence. The confidence you never would have had without your lessons from this all-encompassing course from Franchise Business University.

Module 8

You’ll learn what some of the best franchise and small business resources are in Lesson 1. A printable list of resources is provided for you to use as-needed. Some of the resources can be used before you become the owner of a franchise. Some of them can and should be used when you actually are a franchise owner.

The last lesson in the course is for “further reading.” A huge list of must-read, hand-picked articles on franchising is included in this lesson. If you can’t ever seem to get enough information, this part of the course should satisfy those needs. Useful articles will continue being added as they’re found, and since you have lifetime access to the course, you can read them whenever and wherever you want..

Buy This Course Now!


It’s Only $249 And Includes A 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

online course guarantee

Stop spending hours and hours online going from website to website hoping to find a franchise that’s right for you-and one that is profitable.


To Put That $249 Investment In Your Future In Perspective, Look At This Grid:

price grid

The grid represents a potential $250,000 investment in a franchise.

Each square (there are 250 of them) represents $1000.

The tiny, little green dollar signs on the lower right of the grid represent an investment in my comprehensive franchise course. An investment that computes to a measly 1% of your entire $250,000 investment in a franchise.

1% is a small price to pay when you’re talking about how much you’ll potentially be investing to be your own boss.


(Pictured: The Grand Opening of A Window Genie® Franchise)


“While searching online for information about the franchise business, I came across The Franchise King®, Joel Libava. I am still in the study and research phase and am so thankful for the helpful information that Joel makes available. I recently purchased and studied all the information included in Joel’s franchise course, and I now feel confident that the research I’m doing is much more focused and is finally moving in the right direction. I know exactly who to turn to when I have questions or concerns. Thanks Joel!”

– Ken Robson, Texas


About Your Teacher

I’m The Franchise King®, Joel Libava.
I’m the author of “Become A Franchise Owner!,” which is a top-selling hardcover franchise book. I’ve written over 2,000 articles on franchising which can be found on my franchise blog, and on websites like SBA.gov, The New York Times, The Huffington Post, Small Business Trends, and several others. In addition, I’m a franchise advisor; I work 1-on-1 with people who want my help and advice on franchising.

own a money making franchise

But being an advisor is pretty limiting because I’m only one person and there are only so many hours in the day. I can only work with a small number of people on an individual basis.  That’s one of the reasons I put this online course together; so I can teach more people how to become money-making franchise owners. This course has the potential to change your life-if you follow what I teach in it.

By using the principles I teach in this course, you’ll be able to master everything I use to guide my private advisory clients so you can finally stop going from website to website and franchise to franchise (which has probably gotten you nowhere) and start focusing on franchise opportunities that can be profitable for you.


“Joel is ‘the expert’ when it comes to franchising. Any small business venture can be full of land mines with disaster pending at any step. Choosing the franchise route doesn’t make it any easier, but with Joel’s help you can make the best decision for you. You can’t go wrong with Joel guiding you down the decision making path.”

– Denise O’Berry, Small Business Expert

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Question: I want to learn more about how to buy a franchise, but taking an online course seems like it would be a serious undertaking. How hard is the course?

Answer: This online franchise course is not hard at all. I created the course to be super-easy for anyone to follow. It’s not a college-level course; there (purposely) aren’t any tests or quizzes to take. Each Module is laser-focused on one topic, and since you’ll have Lifetime Access to the course, you can go through it at your own pace and come back to it as often as you’d like.

Question: How long will it take me to go through the course?

Answer: You can go through the entire course in a few days if you want. Most of the people who have invested in my course are spreading it out over a couple of weeks. But, the great thing about my course is that you automatically get Lifetime Access. You can login to your course day or night anywhere there’s a high-speed internet connection. Take it with you when you’re travelling. Take a lesson on your lunch hour. You always have instant access to your course.

Question: Why do you refer to your franchise course as being the “Ultimate” online franchise course?

Answer: Because I teach you absolutely everything you need to know about finding, choosing, researching and buying a profitable franchise. Plus, I include a free live group conference call every month so you can ask me questions about the franchises you’re looking at, along with any other questions or concerns you may have as you’re going through the franchise discovery process. Taking a detailed, easy-to-follow franchise course and participating in group coaching calls at the same time, is the ultimate way to buy a franchise.

Question: Do I have to have any special technology in order to take the course?

Answer: All you need a desktop computer, a laptop, or a Smartphone. I guess you’ll need to have speakers, too, since I’ve included 14+ snappy videos to watch and several podcasts to listen to.

Question: What if I don’t like the course? What if I don’t think the information you provided was any good? Can I get my money back?

Answer: Absolutely!
You have 30 days to decide if you feel my online franchise course is super-helpful. If you don’t feel that The Ultimate Online Franchise Course is a game-changer for you…if it hasn’t provided you with enough powerful information on exactly how to thoroughly investigate and evaluate a franchise, I’ll refund your money.


***Get These Special Bonuses When You Buy The Course***


Bonus #1:

Free Unlimited Access To My Monthly Conference Calls ($150 Value)

As a student of Franchise Business University.com, you’ll be given unlimited access to my monthly conference calls where you’ll be able to ask me any questions you have about the franchises you’re investigating, franchise financing, location, marketing, Discovery Day…anything you want! You can even converse with other students on these free monthly calls.


Bonus #2:

My eBook on Researching Franchises ($19.95 Value)

franchise research

If you want to know if the franchise opportunities you’re looking at can be profitable for you, there’s only one way to find out:

You have to ask the people who know. The ones who know are the ones who’ve already invested their money in the franchises that you’re thinking of investing your own money into!


“By reading Joel Libava’s eBook, you’ll be ready to make the calls to franchise owners, but more importantly you’ll be able to ask the right questions so you don’t waste a lot of time trying to figure out if its right for you. In fact, you won’t call any franchisees until you’re pretty sure that it could be the right opportunity for you, if you follow Joel’s advice.”

– T.J. McCue, Small Business Trends


Bonus 3:

A Huge Discount On My Franchise Ownership Advisory Services.

My normal charge (currently) for a one-hour franchise ownership advisory session is $295. But not for students of this online course on franchising. You won’t believe how low the student price is for an hour of serious 1-on-1 franchise advice.


Joel is an individual who goes beyond his profession and industry, he is a man of integrity, dedication and exceptional knowledge. When it comes to franchising and making a ‘franchising decision’, Joel Libava is one individual who should be sought out.”

-Charles Internacola, Franchise Attorney, Entrepreneur


A one-time $249 investment will give you Lifetime Access to my 20+ years of knowledge that will arm you with everything you need to make a highly-informed decision on a money-making franchise, cutting your risk and accelerating your success.


Buy This Guaranteed Franchise Course Now!


If you are thinking about buying a franchise then the best money you can invest before you do anything else is get a copy of the Ultimate Online Franchise Course and go through every single word of it. You don’t just want a franchise- you want a profitable franchise! This is the time to make the right choice and Joel is the guy to help you get there! As a firm doing the books for over 200 small businesses, including a dozen franchises, I KNOW profits are not guaranteed and the best time to give yourself the greatest chance to achieve a profitable business is BEFORE you get started. Give yourself a big leg up now and get Joel’s course. You’ll be glad you did!”

– Matt Remuzzi, Owner, CapForge.com Bookkeeping & More

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