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The Reviews Are In!

Here are just some of the reviews I’ve received on my super-useful franchise course.

Reviews are important these days; you have to be able trust not only the product, but the person and/or company behind the product you’re about to invest your hard-earned dollars in.

I am giving this franchise course a resounding five stars as it provides a fantastic road map from beginning to end on how to find and research a great franchise that fits for you! I’m actually looking closely at one franchise in particular and have often referred to your book and now your franchise course at different stages of my research. Your course has been very beneficial and I truly feel educated in my approach instead of blindly searching about.”

-Bob Johnson Jr. Grand Island, Nebraska


As a current franchise owner, I saw tremendous value in purchasing the ‘How To Buy A Profitable Franchise course’ because I didn’t want to make the same mistakes I did in the past. I wanted to learn all the ins and out of what real research is when purchasing a franchise instead of making a fast decision. About 3/4 of the way thru the course I redeemed my free one on one private phone consultation with Joel just to touch base and see if I’m heading in the right direction. The information he shared with me on the phone confirmed my thoughts and he gave me a couple other things to think about. Thank you Joel!!! The small investment in your course is worth so much more.

– Terry Burke, Bloomington, Minnesota


The Franchise King’s ‘How To Buy A Profitable Franchise’ course is the most targeted and detailed training on finding and researching a franchise that I have ever experienced. Joel provides great insights into the great, the bad and the ugly of franchising. He challenges your assumptions to open your eyes to the great possibilities of franchising if you take your time, do your homework and do it right from the beginning.

-Alison Jenner, Connecticut


If you are thinking about buying a franchise then the best money you can invest before you do anything else is get a copy of the How To Buy A Profitable Franchise course and go through every single word of it. You don’t just want a franchise- you want a profitable franchise! This is the time to make the right choice and Joel is the guy to help you get there! As a firm doing the books for over 200 small businesses, including a dozen franchises, I KNOW profits are not guaranteed and the best time to give yourself the greatest chance to achieve a profitable business is BEFORE you get started. Give yourself a big leg up now and get Joel’s course. You’ll be glad you did!”

– Matt Remuzzi, Owner, Bookkeeping & More


This franchise course is the best type of due diligence for anyone pondering the question: ‘should I buy a franchise?’ While taking the course it was as if he anticipated each of my questions, provided an answer or told me how to get it. He has earned the title of The Franchise King for a reason! This course outlines everything you need to consider and provides an in depth analysis of the different types of franchises available. Joel is by far one of the best communicators I have ever met. You can discover a lot about yourself by taking this course while deciding if franchising is for you.”

– Carole Cohen, Realtor®, ePRO


In a nutshell: It’s a unique, easy-follow-course course with many important insights about franchising you’d have trouble finding elsewhere on the web.”



While searching online for information about the franchise business, I came across The Franchise King®, Joel Libava. I am still in the study and research phase and am so thankful for the helpful information that Joel makes available. I recently purchased and studied all the information included in Joel’s franchise course, and I now feel confident that the research I’m doing is much more focused and is finally moving in the right direction. I know exactly who to turn to when I have questions or concerns. Thanks Joel!”

– Ken Robson, Texas


There’s SO much packed into these 23 lessons (8 modules) that by the time you’re done with this course, you’ll feel like you’ve been researching and buying franchises for years.”

– Tania Dakka


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Testimonials From People Who Have Used My Franchise Ownership Advisory Services

In addition to publishing information on franchising through my courses, books, videos, and articles, I work 1-on-1 with people who are interested in becoming franchise owners. Below are a few of their comments about me.

Joel, we would like to thank you for your support during our start-up process. We appreciate your guidance during the franchise due diligence process. As a result of your franchise expertise, I feel we made very few mistakes, and were able to open our business three weeks before our contract opening date. I will use your name liberally when I come across others who are interested in starting their own businesses.”

-Steve and Elaine Giordano, TeamLogic IT-Westlake, Ohio


Joel Libava was a huge help when I was struggling with the financial part of buying a franchise-in this case, potentially buying a multi-unit franchise. He encouraged me to write a detailed business plan and to do some additional things research-wise that I wasn’t doing. You need to talk to Joel before you buy a franchise.”

– Jason Tanski, Colorado


Joel Libava is a trusted advisor one looks for. Although his specialty is advice on franchises, he lays out knowledgeable and honest advice to help weigh doing that versus buying an independent business, consulting, or other things, and he’s happy to refer you to others if issues arise outside his specialty. There is no hard sell, since in the long run you and he do better with him giving honest and expert advice.”

– Richard Capule, Rochester, NY


Thanks so much for your help. I was a week away from signing my franchise agreement when I came across your blog and your 40 questions to ask current franchise owners. I took your advice and the feedback I received convinced me not to take the next step. You saved me from sure disaster, but I haven’t given up on buying a franchise. You’re a great resource who provides fantastic information and I recommend that anyone considering a franchise listen to your wisdom.”

-Andy Saunders

“Joel Libava might have just saved me $500,000. I was seriously considering buying a $500k Sub shop franchise (not Subway) but Jimmy John’s. I was ready to send them $35,000 and was looking for a location, but I had an epiphany after reading your book and started thinking franchising was not for me. I have decided to pursue an independent business. Thank you!

-Vikram Patel, Chicago


I am currently looking at investing in a franchise business, and after finding some great free information about franchising on Joel Libava’s website, I decided to sign up for a one-hour advisory session. I figured if I’m going to invest significant funds in a franchise – why not get do some Q and A with an expert, and I’m glad I did. Joel has experience in many types of franchises and is able to see the bigger picture. Joel gave me several great insights and ‘to do’ items for my research.”

– Kim Corrigan


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Recommendations From Business Experts And Legal Experts

Rieva Lesonsky Small Business Expert Entrepreneur magazine

I’ve covered the world of franchising for a very long time and it’s rare to meet anyone with as much knowledge of and passion about it as Joel Libava.
As the Franchise King, Joel works hard to make sure potential franchisees are prepared for their new roles.He paints a realistic picture and is quick to point out franchise systems that haven’t delivered on their promises.  Joel is beholden to no one, and he’s one of the most honest voices in the industry.  Franchisees invest their hard-earned dollars when they purchase a franchise, and they need every advantage they can get. Following Joel on Twitter and reading his franchise guides gives them just that. Joel educates and advocates. Who can ask for more than that?”

-Rieva Lesonsky, CEO Grow Biz media, Former Editorial Director of Entrepreneur® Magazine


devin cleary

Joel is THE recognized pioneer in the Franchise industry. He is that rare breed of business consultant who combines high integrity, expert knowledge and the sensitivity to help his clients & ‘followers’ succeed.”

-Devin Cleary, Hubspot


laura petrolino

Joel is top of the class when it comes to small business advising, both in the franchise industry and for entrepreneurs across the board. He is my go to man and referral for all things franchise!”

-Laura Petrolino, Director of Operations, Arment-Dietrich


lizette pirtle

When seeking advice and information about investing in a franchise you need someone who is knowledgeable; who is honest and straight with you; and, most importantly, who CARES. Joel Libava is a rarity as he has all of these qualities. Franchising is about family and friendship as much as it is about business and making money; Joel knows this, and with candor and enthusiasm, he will guide you to ask the right questions and get the information you need to make the best decision for you. His recent book, Become a Franchise Owner, is a MUST read for anyone considering franchising. I feel honored to be Joel’s friend and colleague.”

-Lizette Pirtle, CEO, Expansion Experts


denise o'berry

Joel is “the expert” when it comes to franchising. Any small business venture can be full of land mines with disaster pending at any step. Choosing the franchise route doesn’t make it any easier, but with Joel’s help you can make the best decision for you. You can’t go wrong with Joel guiding you down the decision making path.”

-Denise O’Berry, Small Business Cash Flow Expert


charles internacola

Joel is an individual who goes beyond his profession and industry, he is a man of integrity, dedication and exceptional knowledge. When it comes to franchising and making a “franchising decision”, Joel is one individual who should be sought out.”

-Charles Internacola, Franchise Attorney, Franchisor


gene marks

I’ve been a fan of Joel’s for years. He’s picked a niche and made himself the undisputed expert. I’d recommend him to anyone looking to start a franchise or wanting to operate one more profitably.”

-Gene Marks, CEO, The Marks Group, Business Columnist, The Washington Post


john warrillow

Joel is The Franchise King. I wouldn’t buy a franchise without Joel by my side!”

-John Warillow, Author, Speaker


rush nigut

In the franchising industry, it’s sometimes tough to know who you can trust. Many franchise consultants are only interested in making a sale, especially in this tough economic environment. Joel Libava is one of the good guys.”


-Rush Nigut, Franchise Attorney


Book Reviews

My hardcover book, Become A Franchise Owner!, has been a consistent top-seller on In addition, copies can usually be found at bookstores, and even libraries here in the U.S.- sometimes abroad, too.

Here are a few reviews from my book’s page:

A relative asked me to help him evaluate whether or not he should buy a franchise. Having no real knowledge of their structure or business model, I went looking for some basic information. That’s how I found this book. A quick and interesting read, Joel Libava (aka “The Franchise King”) filled me in on so much that I did not know, while confirming what I had already discovered by my own less efficient methods. Hence, not only are we now using this book as our road map, but we have decided to actually work with Joel–I was that impressed with this book!”

Wow, what an inspirational and well thought out guide to starting up a business. I mean obviously it can’t provide all the answers for you but the strategies and considerations it promotes are nothing short of sound advice. A worthy read.”

I was pretty amazed at how Joe captured nearly everything that was running through my head in considering getting into the franchise world as a first-timer. I thought I had been doing a great deal of research on my own until I read this book and Joe pointed out so much more I hadn’t even considered yet. Very easy read, the author takes an entertaining and informal tone while delivering key information about all aspects of franchising. I finished the book in two days. (My wife asked if I had found a can’t-put-it-down mystery or something…)

For anyone looking for some real advice about starting up a franchise, I would highly recommend this book. It is very straight-forward and gives the pros and cons about becoming a franchisee. It doesn’t sugar coat anything and provides a realistic description of life as a franchise owner. I applaud Joel Libava’s desire to give an honest look at the franchising industry in the hopes of encouraging potential franchise owners to be very sure that franchising is right for their personalities and goals, significantly increasing the odds of success. The book covers all aspects of making the franchise decision…..from in-depth personality reviews and selecting the right type of franchise to financial investment and financing. Don’t pass this one up if you’re thinking about getting started!

I had heard of The Franchise King last year through a friend and was excited to hear he was writing a book on franchising. As someone who has always been interested in starting a business on my own, this book taught me a lot about the world of franchising. This is the 3rd book I have read on the subject and it is head and shoulders above the rest! Not only was it informative but I really enjoyed Joel’s writing style. With anecdotes and humor sprinkled throughout you will not be able to put it down. In fact I learned more from the first 75 pages than I did from the previous 2 books combined!

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